Interlaken Day 1

Today we leave Gimmelwald. It has been a sad day. Gimmelwald is such a wonderful place, however in order to continue on our journey we must leave. I am not telling a lie when I say that if it wasn’t for my friends, family, and my wife, I would never leave that town. I would buy a little plot of land, become a hay/goat farmer, take up base jumping, and live the rest of my life in a peaceful heaven on earth. We bought some shirts on the way out of town. On the back they have the famous saying “if heaven isn’t all it is cracked up to be, send me back to Gimmelwald.” To me this is not just a saying to sell shirts. I will wear that shirt as a reminder that Gimmelwald is the closest I will come to heaven this side of my heart beating.

The decision to leave consisted of such. It was due to rain today, I did not feel like beginning another day hike just to be stuck out in the rain 5 hours out of town with my dear, cold, wife. There were some things we needed to get done down in Interlaken. We needed to buy a new memory card for our camera so you kind fold can enjoy this adventure day by day with us. We needed to book our canyoning adventure less it fill up and we can not go. We needed to go by a Interlaken fire station to trade shirts with them. I figured that if it was going to be raining we should make the rain day the travel/check off list day. That is exactly what happened.

The minute we left the paradise of the Lauderbrunnen Valley the rain began to show up.

We got our necessary chores for the day done.

Checked into the famous Balmer’s Hostel. We decided to go with the tent dorm. This is where I am typing this post from. We were promised wifi access but as we have come to expect don’t believe everything you are promised here in Europe. So I will be posting this as soon as we get some wifi access again. The tent dorm is just that, a tent with 3 bunk beds in it. Ours just contains Steph and myself. Steph was worried about being too hot when she booked this tent. As it stands we have several blankets on us, huddling up for warmth.

We were able to book the canyoning adventure for tomorrow. I hope the weather cooperates with us tomorrow so we can go. If the water level is too high they will cancel the trip. That would be horrible news. I also hope it is warmer than it is now. Jumping into glacier water when it is 50 degrees out might well kill my precious wife. We will see.

We were able to get a memory card for the camera, not too tough to find the store, went smoothly. More space for pics, good for everyone!

We were also able to find a fire station. The problem was finding someone there. I knocked on every door that place had. After no answer I went inside every open door I could find. I found some empty offices, storage room, a poster that listed different types of hand grenades and RPG’s. No unlocked doors led to the apparatus bay or kitchen though. I yelled for anyone, no answer. So I used their bathroom and left. As we found out later they are volunteers, and only come to the station after 6. We will try to go by tomorrow after canyoning.

After we got what we needed done we had a little time to kill. The rain had stopped and given us some hope. I decided to try to make it to the lake to this place where the hang gliders land at. We jumped on the bus using the free bus pass that our hostel gave us. We made the necessary changes and headed that way. While en route the clouds spilled their contents. Rain was really coming down. Don’t think any hang gliders are going to be landing any time soon. Due to the unfamiliar location we missed our stop. I thought the bus ended just a few stops more so I decided to just ride it there and take it back to town where we would call it a night. Well 15 minutes later the bus keeps going. 25 minutes later I ask the bus driver if he is going back to Interlaken and he tells me no. I need to get off here and wait 30 minutes for the last bus back into town. So Steph and I exit. We stand in the rain and wait for the next bus that comes 30 minutes later. Upon boarding we are informed that our bus pass only works in Interlaken, which we were decidedly not in anymore, and it would be 15 Swiss Francs to get back. Wonderful.

We hope to make up for the dreary day with some good food. This we did not find. We decided to try the Balmer’s Restaurant. The cold fries and cafeteria like taste did nothing to lift our spirits. We make the 15 minute trek back to our tent (yeah I forgot to mention that our tent village is a 15 minute walk away from town). Ready for a good nights sleep.

Today has been a unsuccessful day. We are still in Interlaken, maybe the second most beautiful place on the face of the planet (on a nice day). So that is good. Missed out on some opportunities to take advantage of it because of the weather, sot that is not good. Tomorrow will be a great day though. I think it is supposed to be partly cloudy with light showers. I am thinking partly sunny with showers around 5 o’clock. That will work out fine with us. Chil Schere Canyon here we come!


About Scott Zarse

I am a Firefighter for the Dallas Fire Department, I have been married for three years, no kids yet. Loving life here in Dallas.
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