Painting A Pair Of Skis: Research

Step 1:  Research

The begining of my new project started a little something like this:  Take your head, go find a brick wall, and repeatedly smash your head against it.  Stop.  Take a look at the brick wall.  Does it look any different?  No.  I bet if you continue to bash your head against it you will get somewhere.  Continue on with the bashing.

Needless to say the research phase of my project was difficult.  As it turns out paint doesn’t really like cold temperatures, water, or having to be real flexible.  All things that skis are known to bump into from time to time.  After some extensive research on the subject I came to the conclusion that automotive paint was the best choice for this endavour.  So began the head bashing.  After visiting countless websites, talking on the phone to numerous “paint” experts, even going to an autobody shop, I figured out a few things about automotive paint.  1.  It is very expensive.  2.  Almost all of the time you need a professional sprayer to use it.  3.  It is nearly impossible to get automotive paint in  royal purple, pink, and teal.  In the end I just decieded to abandon the automotive paint option and just roll the dice using some Rustoleum spray paint.  Well, the guy at Hobby Lobby told me that Krylon was much better so I went with that.  So here is to rubbing a little Zarse Effect on it and hoping it works.  We shall see.


About Scott Zarse

I am a Firefighter for the Dallas Fire Department, I have been married for three years, no kids yet. Loving life here in Dallas.
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1 Response to Painting A Pair Of Skis: Research

  1. Kyle says:

    Your “about” just reminded me: “I ain’t got no kids, y’all!”

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