What is this all about?

The Zarse Effect: The influence and impact that this, or other Zarses have on the world around them.

What am I doing here? What has brought this Zarse into the world of blogging?  That is a valid question.  As with anyone that starts a blog the motivation stems in at least a small part from a conceited vainglory about one’s own life.  The thought that the world would definitely be a better place if all had access to the inner workings of their own masterful life. This thought is not actually far off from the accustomed mindset of historical Zarses. The Zarses greatest success/failure is that we tend to believe we are great human beings who tend to impact the world in profound ways.  Thus the term “The Zarse Effect” stems from our historical pride in our own impact on the world.  This mindset, whether they choose to admit it or not, is at least in part the motivations for anyone who chooses to share their opinions with the world in one media form or another.

If able to remove all self-absorbed intentions from the equation the real reason for entering into the blogging world is to give those friends and family that desire to the capability to keep up with and learn about what is going on in our life.  As a disclaimer I must forewarn you as to a tendency of mine to get excited about something for a short while just to become bored or distracted and move on to the next whim that blows my direction.  So it is possible that this might fall into that category but for all our sake I hope it does not.  I also make no promises that this will be a source for deep thought or insight into the great questions of the universe.  Although I might venture there on occasion, the majority of the posts will simply be about what is going on in our lives, small or big.

The last motivation for this blog in all honesty is in fact a stolen idea from a friend who operates two blogs.  After reading his entries into the world wide web I have become fascinated by the power of well written words.  This mastery of the english language intrigues me.  So as a secondary goal I want to embark on an ambition to improve my writing skills.

So join me if you wish on this multi-faceted adventure through what I like to call “The Zarse Effect.


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